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Welcome to El Dorado Brewing Company (EDBC), located in Camino, El Dorado County, California.  Established in 1853 in the Sierra Nevada foothills and under new ownership, EDBC is still providing great beer to California, Oregon & the West.  Visit us often to learn more about us and our beer

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Label for Real Mountain Ale

Real Mountain Ale

(6.0% A.B.V., 60 L.B.U.)

22oz bottles & kegs

A west coast style ESB, this bold but smooth tasting amber ale is made from the finest North American malts with a nice blend of Old World and new World hops.




Label for Gold Rush LagerGold Rush Lager

(6.0% A.B.V., 46 L.B.U.)

22oz bottles & kegs

Our version of an early California brew, this light amber lager is full of sweet malt and bright hop flavors, with a clean crisp finish.



Label for Trailblazer Stout

Trailblazer Stout

(6.0% A.B.V., 42 L.B.U.)

22oz bottles & Kegs

Our Flagship Stout - This semi-sweet chocolate stout is derived from a special blend of dark crystal malts and roasted barley for a smooth, rich taste.




We also have the following beer, the label will be posted at a later date:


(9.2% A.B.V., 60 L.B.U.)

500ml & Liter bottles & kegs

EDBC's Real Mountain Ale fermented with wildflower honey. 

The Honey gives our RMA a sweet warm finish and an amazing drinking experience.


Label Ordering

To order assorted beer labels from El Dorado Brewing labels send $5.00 + self addressed stamped envelope to:

El Dorado Brewing Company

6051 Enterprise Drive, #102

Diamond Springs, CA 95619

View also our historic labels on our History page.



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