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Real Mountain Ale LabelBrewed to an English style known as "India Pale Ale," this beer had its origins during the English occupation of India in the early part of the nineteenth century.  Due to the use of paler malts made possible by more modern malting techniques, this copper colored ale was considered "pale" by comparison to the stouts and porters which had been popular at the time, and became known as "India Pale Ale."  The most outstanding characteristic of this style, however, was not the color, but the wonderful hop aroma.  Hops are used in nearly all beers in varying degrees for bittering purposes during the brewing process.  But in an IPA they were added not just to the kettle during the boil, but also to the finished beer in their wooden casks to act as a preservative during the long ocean voyage from England to India.  This "dry hopping" imparted an incredible hop aroma to the ale, which was found to be "quite suitable" among the British soldiers.  As a result of this popularity the style was brewed for domestic consumption as well, and English beers began to take on a reputation for their hop character.

    In a field of over one hundred commercial breweries in the State of California, EL Dorado Brewing Company earned a First Place Award and a Gold Certificate at the 1995 California State Fair Commercial Brewing Competition in the India Pale Ale Category, gained a Second Place Award and a Silver Certificate in the same event in 1996 (no First Place Award given), and a Silver Certificate again in 1997.

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