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Trailblazer Stout

Trailblazer Stout True to the British origins of a Dry Stout, the rich malty flavors of this beer are the result of a careful blending of dark malts with an emphasis on a very smooth roasted barley note, typical of a "Dry Stout." Beers of this style have been popular in the British Isles for centuries and were developed from some of the more primitive malting methods which prevailed in most of Europe prior to the early 1800's. This stout is nearly black in color, yet when held up to a strong light, will reveal a deep mahogany color. The pleasing flavors which linger on the palate are reminiscent of coffee and dark chocolate. Trailblazer Stout earned the brewery a Bronze Certificate at the 1996 California State Fair Commercial Brewing Competition and a Silver Certificate at that same event in 1997.

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