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Winter Spice, A Spiced Ale LabelWhen blustery autumn storms begin to blow into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the brewers at EL DORADO BREWING COMPANY are preparing the perfect beer to mark the fast approaching ski season. Unlikely to be found outside the local area, seasonally produced WINTER SPICE is a rare treat, reflecting the freedom of stylistic interpretation available to the small brewer. The recipe blends malts, hops and spices in just the right combination to create the perfect holiday beer. The essence of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove will announce the arrival of this popular annual celebratory ale with a distinctive holiday aroma. The light appearance and big flavors of this beer are highlighted by the spices, and offer a broad, fresh flavor that moves toward characteristic EL DORADO hopping at the finish. What a great beer to enjoy with friends throughout the holiday season! In the Specialty Beer Category of the 1997 California State Fair, WINTER SPICE was awarded a THIRD PLACE RIBBON and a SILVER CERTIFICATE.

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